Zoee Xiao

Zoee Xiao


Zoee is a watercolor painter, currently based in Bellevue. Art and nature is an important part for her life since a young age. She grew up in a beautiful town in Southern China and trained under a Chinese traditional painter at a young age. After grown up, she moved to United States to study animation in University of Pennsylvania, and then moved to Seattle after graduation. Her memory of misty but sometimes sunny scenes of hometown resonates with pacific northwest quite well. This conscious or subconscious link moved her to incorporate Chinese impressionist painting style into whatever scenery she is painting at the moment and also into western watercolor painting style. When she paints, she likes to focus on capturing light and mood, and also has a big affection on interesting curves in the scene. She is also very drawn to vibrant colors in nature, and fascinated by different color palette and personality each season has. As a software engineer and an artist at the same time, she understands how art’s therapeutic power can help current hyper busy working class with their daily stress and troubles in life, she would love to contribute her effort to that cause through her art.

Previous Shows

Group Show at Lucky Strike, Bellevue – 06/2019 Group Show at A/NT Gallery, Seattle – 06/2019 Solo Show at The Summit, Seattle – 05/2019 Group Show at Abram Chiropractic Clinic, Seattle – 05/2019 Group Show “Pet on Parade” at Schack Art Center, Everett – 03/2019 ~ 04/2019 Group Show at Ghost Gallery, Seattle – 12/2018 ~ 02/2019 Group Show at A/NT Gallery, Seattle – 11/2018 Pop up Show at Occidental Square, Seattle -10/2018 Solo Show at Sacred Rain Healing Center, Seattle – 09/2018 Group Show at Break Room Gallery, Seattle – 08/2018


I'm a watercolor landscape artist, with a very impressionist style. What matters to me the most is the interesting light and composition in the scene. I am often attracted to beautiful curves in a scene, and try to extract that and make it the main player in my composition. Glowing light is a regular darling in my work. I'm attracted to it as much as many impressionists can be. When I paint, I try to use wet on wet to create a smooth and gentle effects, but also use strong contrast to lift the light up. When you view my work, I wish the feelings it brought to you are positive, so I try to create that type of work as much as possible. But sometimes I also experiment on gothic style work, and also abstract art. I'm still young, and evolving. I'm expecting more branches of style grow out of me in the future.


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